What To Know About Depression In Men

2015-11-03_1643There is a lot about depression and what people in general may feel, but there is a very big difference between depression in men and that in women. What a woman may feel in terms of depression may not be the same if a man is found in the same situation. This is the reason why men will be misdiagnosed if they go for depression checkup.

However, when it comes to depression in male, suicidal rates gets up to 4 times that in female and this is on a very high note. People need to understand how to notice if a man is suffering depression and to find out ways of assisting them in all circumstances. Below are very important things to note about men and depression.

Depression affects men by about half the total number of women it affects every year. This however doesn’t mean that the men do not have their side of the story to tell. Men should be given an equal chance when it comes to fighting depression, especially at an older age. In men, depression mostly begins at a very early age, 20. It can as well pick up between 60-70 years. It is better to diagnose it earlier than later.

Most men will not express sadness whenever they are depressed. This will make the physicians have a very hard time trying to diagnose the problem. However, some symptoms could be; sleeping disorders, anxiety, discomfort among others. This primary symptoms are very important to notice.

Men are most likely in a position to feel very angry, irritated and mostly frustrated by almost anything if they are depressed. They will not be sad like women can be.

When coping with depression, men will do it differently compared to women. For example, men will choose to engage themselves in more violent behaviors instead of sitting in the house and crying all day. You may find others developing new interests in things thought to have been disliked by the same individuals.

When in the depression fix, men will be more engaged in drug and alcohol abuse. This is mostly in the hope that they it will relieve them the pain or the struggle they go through. With this it will be so hard to tell whether it is a drug issue or a depression issue.

With men, they will tend to complain more on physical pain than with women. They will report headaches, pain on the joints, and chest pain among others. Most of them do not even know that this may be caused by depression they are undergoing.

If this is noted early a man can be cured and saved from suicidal thoughts, which happens a lot with people who suffer depression.

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