Reasons To Take Testosterone Supplements

2015-11-03_1652Testosterone is a hormone produced naturally by males and used for various reasons. For starters, this is the hormone that controls bone density, maintains muscles mass, and promotes sex drive. Low T levels in the body can therefore have devastating effects in a man’s body, which is the reason why its production needs to be kept in check. Although produced naturally in the human body, testosterone production and levels start to decline as soon as one hits the age of 30. Nonetheless, maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising does help boost T levels ever at a very senior age.

Many people however do not realize that their T levels are too low until it is too late. Outlined below are some of the instances and signs that may indicate low testosterone levels.

1. Reduced sex drive: If you have been enjoying your sex life all through, then you suddenly start reducing interest or drive in the same, then something isn’t right. Most of the people suffering from low T levels experience this as an initial symptom for hypogonadism. Low testosterone levels also make it almost impossible for one to maintain an erection for long, leave alone satisfy his sexual partner. Should you notice this, you should then seek medical attention or start taking testosterone supplements.

2. Low sperm count: Low sperm count is another strong symptom of low T levels. Under most circumstances, low sperm count indicates impotence and inability to make a woman pregnant. Testosterone handles sperm production, hence reasonably low amounts of the same leads to a reduction in the hormone production.

3. Hair loss and baldness: Although baldness is common with seniors, young men suffering from low T levels have a high risk of suffering from massive hair loss and baldness. As mentioned earlier, testosterone regulates hair growth in men, meaning any low levels in the same do facilitate baldness. The interesting thing however is that, as long as T levels are restored, the hair will start growing again.

4. Gynecomastia: Naturally, men aren’t supposed to grow breasts as large as a woman does. Nonetheless, some men have remarkably large breasts also known as male boobs. This condition is believed to be instigated by low testosterone levels in the body. Any man with such a condition should then automatically know that he has low T levels.

The conditions outlined above are just but a few of the key indicators of low testosterone levels. You can correct most of these problems by leading a healthy lifestyle, eating well-balanced meals, and taking testosterone supplements.

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